Paracord Whelping Collars

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  • 1 Mini/Newborn Whelping ID Collars & 1 Regular Whelping ID Collars 
  •  Mini/Newborn are approximately 4 inches at the smallest and 9 inches at the largest
  • Regular are approximately 7 inches at the smallest and 15 inches at the largest
  • Mini/Newborn and Regular Collars match in color so your puppies can keep the same collar color as they grow.
  • Collars should fit snug without being too tight
  • Collars are handmade so small variations in size may exist
  • Please select your Collar Colors from Color choices
**Please Note: We recommend using these collars only until puppies are weaned at 10 - 12 weeks old. As with any collar that does not have a Quick Release Buckle, there is a potential for chocking hazard. **